A neighborhood for whom? Colombes, FR

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L’Agrocité was a community garden created in 2013 by the Atelier de Architecture Autogeré (AAA – Paris) in the french commune of Colombes, north-west of Paris suburbs. There, the people living in the neighborhood had the opportunity to have an exchange (maybe the first one) with nature and with others, growing their own food and participating in different self-managed activities.
In 2015, after a change in the political authorities of the commune, the mayor has started legal actions against the AAA in order to use the public land in which L’Agrocité was placed in order to construct a temporary parking lot. During March 2017 the garden was evicted and some of their installations were destroyed. Meanwhile, the AAA made an agreement with the commune of Gennevillers to construct a new Agrocité in the social housing neighborhood Les Agnettes. The unity was constructed during 2017 and inaugurated in February 2018. Unfortunately, the citizens of Colombes have lost not only a green space in their neighborhood but a social hub created to experiment new forms of relate with others. Is the price of a real state project more important than the value of a space in which new social bonds are created by the community itself? For the authorities of Colombes the answer to that question was affirmative, but for the community was "we will start again."
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