Portraits of the INTI's workers struggle

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This piece of work tells the story of a group of fired workers of the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial - INTI (Industrial Technology National Institute) who are fighting to recover their jobs and the way their lives used to be. In January 26th 2018 258 of the workers of the Buenos Aires’ headquarters received a letter of dismissal which said nothing
about why they were being fired. Many of them have spent more than ten years
working in the Institute, have built carriers and/or families and developed strong
ties with the rest of their partners and the community. Instead of going home,
they decided to stay, and started a peaceful occupation accompanied by different acts of resistance. As a way of discredit their fight, they received strong media attacks and have been constantly surveilled by the police.
I got interested in this experience, first of all, because I believe in the power of
struggle when injustice is committed. I knew the workers were resisting so I
joined them and we started talking about their needs and what could be done in
order to create solidarity. We realized the main public hardly knows about the
tasks these workers develop in the Institute, and even less about the personal stories and the commitment of the workers with the survival of the Institute (in risk of being dismantled and privatized). I decided to create portraits of
representative cases and make the workers write their stories to distribute them afterwards in social media. I accompanied the portraits with photographs of the empty facilities and also with images of the occupation. I believe these three ways of communicating the facts represent a powerful way of storytelling which
creates a narrative of ‘daily life matters’ instead of deify a cause without a wider
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